Our Team


Our Team

The biggest compliment we get from clients is: “We learned so much, and we did it all ourselves.” What we do is enable people and teams to rise to new levels.

Both of us have been in the leadership and communication fields for over 20 years and, as managers ourselves, we have gained perspectives from inside and outside of organizations. We draw on that wealth of experience in all that we do.

In addition, we are able to utilize our methods intuitively, choosing just the right ones and sensing just the right moments to facilitate, mediate or coach so you further your development.

bettina-e1412883849629Bettina has an appreciative, positive attitude that opens doors all by itself. She is well-versed in many cultures as well as trained in humorous communication and team development. She always has an ace up her sleeve for any situation.

frank-e1412883880661Frank has learned leadership from bottom to top and is an avid sportsman. To set people into motion, a systematic approach, strategic planning and creativity are all especially important to him.

Together we are a team, working pragmatically, opening new doors for our clients as we go. This also applies to our volunteer work with children and teenagers. Would you like to know more? We would be pleased to send you more detailed information about us.

So that we are free to address your needs, we have our reliable kommweit team in the background: Kirsten Arians (Video Production), Sonja Lennecke (Video Co-Author and Protagonist),  Vallerie Nielebock (Seminar Organization and Research) and many colleagues who have been working for years with us for our clients in the areas of leadership and communication.