Some of our Clients
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“Competent, professional and sincere – that is what makes kommweit special for me. They take their clients and their needs very seriously. They can handle social topics in a relaxed and creative way and can design processes that move all of the participants forward every time. Thank you for the excellent work!”
Aktion Mensch e. V.
Expert Workshop on “Inclusion”
Silke Niemann
Team Action Manager

“Together with Avira, kommweit competently developed in-house workshops for our German and international managers based on our wishes and goals and those of the target group. Even above and beyond the training itself, kommweit has been a competent advisor for our managers and initiator of our management peer groups.
kommweit understands us as a client, they understand our market and the challenges we face and are thus able to develop training perfectly suited to us.”
Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG
Leadership and Team Development
Anja Michael
Vice President Global Human Resources

“As a Germany-wide supplier of IHK products and services for career training and further education, quality is particularly important to us. To make our trainees fit for tomorrow’s job market, we are glad to rely on kommweit’s services.”
DIHK-Gesellschaft für berufliche Bildung – Organisation zur Förderung der IHK-Weiterbildung mbH
Respect! Workshop for Trainees
Bernd Rudel
Project Leader and Trainer

“I have worked closely with Bettina and Frank in their capacity as educational consultants over a number of years. They have been involved in vision building and course creation for the eTwinning action, especially in intercultural communication and creativity. They are creative and highly professional in their approach to work.”
European Schoolnet
Intercultural Collaboration
Anne Gilleran
Senior Adviser

“Our experience with kommweit, from the initial planning to the end evaluation, was characterized by openness, transparency and professionalism. The kommweit team’s personal commitment and their love of their work is contagious and productive.”
GGS Robert-Koch-Schule
Communication Workshop
Silke Müller
School Director of the GGS Robert-Koch-Schule, Bonn

“kommweit supports us in achieving our goals for education for sustainable development for children in their first four years of school. Successful management of processes involving group dynamics especially improved the cooperation between the teachers and the team providing after-school programs (“offene Ganztagsschule”). This resulted in lasting effects for the school structure and the current school development processes. We especially benefited from the kommweit team’s skill at creating conditions for motivation as well as providing clear structure and expert knowledge.”
Netzwerk e. V. – Social Services and Ecological Education
School and Team Development
Friedhelm Meier

“kommweit is an especially reliable and constantly creative partner, who, since 2004, has supported and enriched our work with their multifaceted experience and knowledge in the area of pedagogy and intercultural learning.”
Schulen ans Netz e. V.
Intercultural Learning and Pedagogical Concepts
Ellen Kammertöns
National Coordinator eTwinning

“The work with kommweit while preparing for our international innovation workshop was marked by open-mindedness and creativity. The content and timing of the workshop was well-tailored to fit the needs of the target group.”
SIG Combibloc GmbH
International Workshop “Creativity and Innovation”
Ina Grothof
Communications Manager

“While working with kommweit, we were equally impressed by their creativity and professionalism. Superb reliability and appreciative interaction with the customer characterize the work of Bettina Zeidler and Frank Spitthöver.“
Stiftung Digitale Chancen e. V.
Training Concept and Documents for Employment Seekers
Jutta Croll
Chairperson of the Board

“With empathy, creative ideas and persuasive, well-considered arguments, kommweit developed a sales training course for us that exactly fits our product and the needs of our customers. Our salespeople are thus able to experience in the training how customers can feel light travel during a customer consultation.”
travelite GmbH & Co. KG
Training for Salespeople
Kirsten Haardt
Head of Product Management